Chamba Millennium B.Ed College is running B.Ed course with 2 units having 100 seats.

The detail of course semester wise is as mentioned below:

S.No.TitleMax. Marks
  B.ED First Semester  
 Course I Childhood and Development  80+20
 Course II Contemporary India and Education 80+20
 Course III Language Across Curriculum
 Course IV Understanding Disciplines and Subjects 40+10
 Course V Text Reading and Reflection 40+10
  B.ED Second Semester  
 Course VI Learning and Teaching 80+20
 Course VII Assessment for Learning 80+20
 Course VIII Drama and Art in Education
 Course IX-A  Pedagogy of School Subjects(Part-1)  
 (i) Teaching of Physical Science 40+10
 (ii) Teaching of Life Science 40+10
 (iii) Teaching of Mathematics 40+10
 (iv) Teaching of Social Sciences 40+10
 (v) Teaching of Commerce 40+10
 (vi) Teaching of English 40+10
 (vii) Teaching of Hindi 40+10
 (viii) Teaching of Sanskrit  40+10      
 Course X  Practice Teaching( Four Weeks)  Grading                     
   B.ED Third Semester  
 Course IX- B Pedagogy of School subjects(Part-2)  
 (i) Teaching of Physical Science  40+10
 (ii) Teaching of Life Science  40+10
 (iii) Teaching of Mathematics  40+10
 (iv) Teaching of Social Sciences  40+10
(v) Teaching of Commerce 40+10
(vi) Teaching of English 40+10
(vii) Teaching of Hindi 40+10
(viii) Teaching of Sanskrit 40+10
Course XI-A Skill in Teaching (School Subject-1) 125
Course XI-B Skill in Teaching (School Subject-2) 125
  B.ED Fourth Semester 80+20
Course XII Knowledge and Curriculum 40+10
Course XIII Gender, School and Society 40+10
Course XIV Inclusive School 40+10
Couse XV ICT in Teaching Learning Process 40+10
Course XVI Understanding the Self 40+10
Course XVII Health and Physical education 40+10
Course XVIII Vocational and Work Education 40+10
Course XIX Education for Peace 40+10
Course XX Guidance and Counselling 40+10


  • Internal assessment of 20/10 marks is allotted to each theory paper and will have two components.
  • 10 /5 Marks on the basis of project/assignment based on project activity.
  • 10/5  Marks on the basis of general behavior in terms of/her over all performance in the class including regularity, Punctuality and attendance. It will be awarded by the concerned teacher.
  • All the theory papers will be of 80/40 Marks (for final exam) each, added with 20 marks internal assessment they will consist of 100 marks.