Re-admission may be con sidered on the recommendation of the tuitor and Chief-Tuitor, with re-admission Fee of Rs. 200/- for the first time. For the second time re-admission may be considered on the recommendation of tuitor, chief-tuitor by imposing fine of Rs. 500/-

Note- For re-admission the suspended student will be accompanied by the parents

  • If a student remains absent for the whole day lum-sum fine Rs. 30/- shall be charged for thr whole day.
  • Rs. 10/-shall be charged for absence in morning assembly and other periods and Rs. 10/- & Rs. 20/- for practical and micro-teaching.
  • Absence in one paper of House examination will lead to fine Rs. 100/- and in the class tests one absence will carry a fine of Rs. 30/-
  • A special fine will be charged from the students who absent themselves from the notified collective college activity (Like culture function, athletic meet etc.)