The Ultimate aim of Chamba Millennium I.T.I is to spread knowledge and all ways & Means to the entire population to ensure harmonious and continuous development of the student, society and Nation. Here great emphasis put on all efforts, which are responsible for the development of personality, teaching skills, communication skills, and creativity among the students and to provide all provision to pursue these efforts thereof to achieve this aims of institutions.

Chamba Millennium Education Society is an apex centre of creating, assimilating & Spreading knowledge in field of Education. We promote career building with a complaint outlook on social relations & focus on personality growth of each student.


Society is established to offer education in the area. The main objective is to uplift to impart education to those people educationally and economically not sound and of an individual is dependent on the education and knowledge he have. Hence Society continuously making efforts to spread education in the area and to impart education are depriving of education.